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About AHEM

In financial terminology Annuity Hybrid E-Mobility (AHEM) means that payment is made to on-boarded partners and suppliers for CapEx in a fixed amount for a considerable period of 12 months (Annuity) to earn OpEx and then in a variable annuity amount for expansion in the remaining period for coming phases based on the fleet they increase annually. Advantage of AHEM is that it gives enough liquidity to the suppliers and owner PSU and the financial risk of the bank is shared by the PSU and insurance companies.

Auser focused - technology and interpretability based bidding between onboarded suppliers and partners takes place to ensure the most suitable also constitutes self sustainable OpEx for the ecosystem before awarding work / service or supply contract. Allocation of stations to interested PSU is to be done by their parent ministries as per their willingness and interest in E-Mobility. Allocated PSU or Investor entity would have liberty to call for presentations from on-boarded NHEV components partners for their allocated station while to finalise common service for ecosystem they shall constitute consortium to see presentations.

NHEV stations will have their own self sustainable OpEx model post construction and installation of products and services with annual AMC and warranties. They shall only be liable to pay Electricity consumption charges when they charge E-vehicles otherwise they would have OpEx revenue from their on site utilities. Surplus revenue generated by stations from utilities will be mixed into State and Central PSU Annuity contribution for any expansion or capacity up-gradation to cater more EV fleets, if not required will be used for reaching to their breakeven. Such distinguish ecosystem for choosing partners, products and service suppliers demands modification in traditional invitation, screening, bidding, procurements and contract models therefore its called Annuity Hybrid E-Mobility Model. Initially its focused on Self-Sustainability rather than focusing most low cost cost quoted, it makes it slightly complex in choosing for first stretch but at the same time takes 75% lesser-time in subsequent expansion beyond Agra and Jaipur with comparatively cheaper cost with availability of Model RFP from EODB Prototype stretch. It aims to include inputs, constraints, limitations, challenges, viability, availability and liability of stakeholders we received from various on- board partners, supporting govt entities, knowledge-group and working group professionals, technocrats over last one year and present it as win - win situation for all like Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM) replaced advanced version of the Model Concession Agreement (MCA) Build Operate Transfer (BOT) and transformed National Highways construction speed.

Financing Options

Single Window Clearance


All Relevant Permits & Permissions for setup


Reducing timeline for compliance


Multi - Stakeholder Negotiation agreements & Documentation for all


Document available for on board partners & NHforEV2020 suppliers

Eco System Enablers

  • Mobile App and Digital Interface
  • Skilled - Man Power
  • EV - Digital Wallet
  • Station Lightening
  • Design Partner
  • Advertising Partner

Eco System Enablers

  • EV Manufacturer BUS / HMV
  • EV Car / LMV Manufacturer
  • EV 2 Wheeler Auto 3 Wheeler
  • Battery Operator / Manufacturer
  • Charger / Charging Infra Providers
  • Electrification Contractor

For Electric Vehicle User, Fleet Operator & Charging Station Owner

  • 01

    Manufactures Battery Charging / Swapping Infrastructure

  • 02

    Manufactures Battery Charging / Swapping Infrastructure

  • 03

    Manufactures Battery Charging / Swapping Infrastructure

  • 04

    Manufactures Battery Charging / Swapping Infrastructure

  • 05

    Manufactures Battery Charging / Swapping Infrastructure

  • 06

    Manufactures Battery Charging / Swapping Infrastructure

Pre - Bid Workshop For Product Components And Eco-system Service Providers

Project Time Line

First prototypical E-mobility conversion program for National Highways and Expressways into E-Highways within 90 days with Charging Stations and Public Transport fleets under Ease of Doing Business with Single Window Clearance service by
Advance Services for Social and Administrative Reforms.

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