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First prototypical E-mobility conversion program for National Highways and Expressways into E-Highways within 90 days with Charging Stations and Public Transport fleets under Ease of Doing Business with Single Window Clearance service by
Advance Services for Social and Administrative Reforms.

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Date & Location : Saturday, 09th July | New Delhi

India was among ‘fragile five’ but today the world is seeing it as a destination of multi-billion dollar investment. The narrative has changed, with the government’s motto of Reform, Perform and Transform. Red tape has been replaced with ‘Red Carpet’, propelling India on the ease of doing business ranking. Source

Shri Narendra Modi Hon'ble Prime Minister Of India

  • Electric Vehicle is a technically reformed and improved version of conventional IC automobiles and having blind spots and lack of clarity on standards and policy; is an obvious slowdown in EVs adoption and growth. We focus to bring small but scalable and adaptable changes with the proven ecosystem as an intake for governance reforms and ease in doing business to solve them. ‘Clarification on licensing of charging stations’ to ‘Generic Guidelines’ on standards for charging stations, we promote these reforms with physical installations. And with numbers of such facilities we create actual numbers of beneficiaries fleets and potential future EV buyers using public transport and fleets of electric vehicles to travel between Jaipur Delhi Agra (500 km) in Shared Mobility without buying vehicles.

  • E-Mobility comes with its range of challenges from individual EV buying decision to institutional challenges to facilitate them on road. We perform to synchronize them and convert each of them in the ecosystem and then minimize the lap with the Single Window Clearance framework. Thus, where majority of E-Mobility stakeholders, weighing first-mover disadvantage in cities and calculating the thrust- they will need to reach to the business trajectory. We accumulate advantages that come to innovators / initiators only and also reduced number of days required by individual applicants for setting up charging stations on this 500 Km corridor like ATMs and PCOs. NHforEV instigates an entrepreneurial culture among MSMEs of Jaipur – Delhi – Agra highways to convert regionally used vehicles locally to use on these tire -III semi-urban charging stations.

  • Agra-Delhi-Jaipur will be first 500 km electric vehicle corridor programmed and operated by ASSAR to bring Ease of Doing Business on other 12 Corridors marked by Power Ministry. Where Vehicles, Chargers, Civil, Electric Infra, Fleet and Station utilities all components are engaged together on Annuity Hybrid E-Mobility (AHEM) model with single capex spend from PSUs and Banks. NHEV would be able to TRANSFORM any NH into E-Highway within 90 days where maximum waiting time for a breakdown electric vehicle will be 30 minutes only. With NHEV India will be first country to get Anti-Theft System (ATS) for Electric Vehicle Fleets through Central EVRS. All partner companies get Single Window Clearance in procurement, on board banking, investor funding, certification, designing, Intellectual Property Rights, Trade Marks, Lease, Purchase, Finance, Insurance to support India in Transforming all 12 highways into E-Highways by 2020.


India’s first two E- Highways for Hybrid, Bio-Fuel Cell and Electric Vehicles with Charging Stations and Breakdown Services on 500 Kms Jaipur - Delhi - Agra.

1) Delhi–Agra (Yamuna Exp.) 25 Nov 2020

2) Delhi – Jaipur (NH 48)

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A journey started from a major reform by Government of India to remove licensing to set up EV Charging Stations to make India’s first two E-Highway where any individual can setup Charging stations in 30 days like PCOs and ATMs.

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