In regards to the Letter of Recommendation and for the finalisation of the Letter of Award, kindly ensure the submission of the below-mentioned elements:

These Information are required in order to generate your Letter of Award to be handed out in the Marathon Meet. You are kindly requested to attend the meet to be au fait with the Financial Model - AHEM of the stations in detail and participate in the Baton Relay with all other partner companies.


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Submission of Service Level Agreement (SLA) of your TPS along with your Financial terms with precise payment disbursement and milestone.


AHEM Budget

If you have not submitted the Trial cost for the project yet, please submit a tentative cost of your TPS for charging stations according to per highway/ per station costs.


A to Z Document for Terms of Reference

A TO Z document shared on mail which shall be treated for drafting your Terms of Reference (ToR).



Government & Institutional Support*



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