Marathon Meet
The Marathon marks the upgradation of 5500 kms of National Highways and Expressways into E-Highways through 121 NHEV 3rd Generation Charging Stations. This meet included multiple roundtables, discussions and delebrations as the project enters the construction and allocation phase.


The NHEV 5500 KM Marathon Meet, to be held from 26th September 2023 onwards, at ITC Maurya, New Delhi, aims to synchronise the partners and their vision for a smooth and time-bound disbursement of the total credit outlay of ₹3,672 Crores in the construction and land acquisition phase by the HDFC Bank with a 12 month moratorium period for the same. infograph-nhev-marthon

L1-L10 are the categorical partner group allocations based on their roles of execution in NHEV to fulfill the project in the set timeline and in a well-synchronized manner to achieve the project objectives as planned. This allocation clearly defines and guides the partners in their individual processes of taking up as well as handing over the work to respective partners in the allocated groups.



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