Speakers 2023

List of speakers arranged alphabetically for ease*

Abhijeet Sinha
Abhijeet Sinha
Program Director, Ease of Doing Business | Project Director, NHEV CPOs India, President
Mr Abhay Kumar
Abhay Kumar
Lead Strategy & Sales - EV Charging, India - JBM
Mr Aman Deep
Aman Deep
Supply Excellence - Zingbus
Mr Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Member of NHEV Working Group | India Managing Director ICCT
Mr Ankit Mittal
Ankit Mittal
Member NHEV Working Group, Co-founder & CEO - Sheru, CPOs India - Member Secretary
Mr Arth Patel
Arth Patel
Member NHEV Working Group | Co founder & CEO - Tirex Chargers
Mr Ashwani Yadav
Ashwani Yadav
Director - LS Power Control Pvt Ltd
Mr Bharat Goel
Bharat Goel
CEO - Conquerent Control Systems Pvt Ltd
Mr Deepanshu Mangla
Deepanshu Mangla
Member NHEV Working Group, Director – Technical Operations Mangla Redimix, Founder - Mangla Ecomix Innovations
Mr Devendra Kumar Pandey
Devendra Kumar Pandey
Technical Head-RMC - UltraTech Cement Limited
Mr Goutam Debnath
Goutam Debnath
OVAL Projects Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Chairman & MD
Mr Inderpreet Singh Jagdeva
Inderpreet Singh Jagdeva
Govt. Relations and Public Policy Manager, Park+
Mr Kallol Dasgupta
Kallol Dasgupta
Member of NHEV Working Group, Advisor and Consultant- Startups in the EV and Sustainability domain
Mr Kamalesh Sundaramurthy
Kamalesh Sundaramurthy
Managing Director - CIKIT Electricals & Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
Mr Kavan Raval
Kavan Raval
Chief Sales Officer, Sirius Cleantech
Mr Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar
Associate Manager - Energy, Infosys Ltd
Mr Manoj Agrawala
Manoj Agrawala
Chief Business Officer - Redbus
Mr Narayan Kumar
Narayan Kumar
Associate Director E-Mobility
Mr Narendra Panchal
Narendra Panchal
Director - A N Engineering Services
Mr Nishant Idnani
Nishant Idnani
O2O Values
Mr Pradeep Kumar Verma
Pradeep Kumar Verma
Managing Director, ACCORD Transformer and Switchgear Private Limited
Ms Pragya Srivastava
Pragya Srivastava
Lead Strategic Alliances - Techilogy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Praveen Bharti
Praveen Bharti
Kreate Technologies Private Limited AVP – Sr. Manager Business Development
Mr Rahul Jain
Rahul Jain
CFO, ATOM Technologies an NTT Data Company
Mr Rajiv Ranjan
Rajiv Ranjan
CE Info Systems Pvt Ltd
Mr Ranjan Kumar Dodda
Ranjan Kumar Dodda
Member NHEV Working Group, Chief Marketing Officer - JoulePoint, CPOs India - Board Member
Mr Santosh Pathak
Santosh Pathak
Mr Saurabh Sharda
Saurabh Sharda
Senior Director, Ola Electric Technologies Pvt Ltd
Mr Sayantan Chakraborti
Sayantan Chakraborti
Director - CEO, Impactware Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd
Mr Shailesh Jain
Shailesh Jain
Head - Sales & Marketing, Savitar Services Pvt. Ltd.
Mr Shashank Shekhar Jaiswal
Shashank Shekhar Jaiswal
Country General Manager - UNL Global India Pvt. Ltd., CPOs India - Board Member
Mr Shwetank Jain
Shwetank Jain
Member NHEV Working Group, Director - P2Power
Mr Soubhik Sharma
Soubhik Sharma
New Solutions - Tata Steel Nest-in
Mr Subrahmanyam Pulipaka
Subrahmanyam Pulipaka
CEO - National Solar Energy Federation of India
Mr Sukant Bhattacharjee
Sukant Bhattacharjee
Direct India Operations, Informatik Security Solutions Pvt Ltd
Mr Suketu Chudasama
Suketu Chudasama
AGM - Business Development, RR Kabel Limited
Mr Sumit Barat
Sumit Barat
VP, Corporate Affairs & Business Development, Greencell Mobility Pvt. Ltd.
Mr Sunil Shah
Sunil Shah
Motivation Engineers and Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
Mr Uddhav Kumar
Uddhav Kumar
Member of NHEV Working Group | Co-Founder & CEO - Lynkit



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