National highway for EV

NHEV is an E-highway pilot project based on the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) from the Ease of Doing Business. The pilot includes setting up charging infra, car-bus fleet, roadside assistance for EVs along with theft-proof geofenced highways across 5500 km NHAI #BharatMala & #Sagarmala Highways and Expressways on global standards with 121 NHEV 3rd Generation Charging Stations anchored after each 100 km like wayside amenities of clean mobility. Recently,  INR 3672 Cr funding and credit outlay has been secured with HDFC Bank which is required for the construction phase.

Tamil Nadu State Partner

Turiya EV Charge Partners

EV Charge Partners specializes in making the transition to electric vehicles effortless by removing barriers and simplifying the path towards e-mobility. With our expertise, reliable solutions, and collaborative approach, we’re revolutionizing the journey to EV ownership.


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