Pizza Vs Electric Vehicles

Answer for new age technology development was app development around getting pizza and food delivery in 40 minutes. But ‘how’ and ‘why’ were still unanswered. How is by – putting few more fuel based two wheelers on road in a already vehicle overcrowded city which is getting listed in every next climate report in world most polluted cities category. Why is – the priority of ‘Comfort on the cost of Climate’ we had set earlier. But paradigm is shifting now to E-mobility, green transport and eco-friendly highways delivery of a backup to all electric vehicle users on their highway break-down/ EV Shutdown within 30 minutes on first 500 km corridor between Jaipur – Delhi – Agra is going to bring India back in news but not for pizza delivery this time for some other reasons i am revealing here for the first time 

National Highway for Electric Vehicles by 2020 is NITI Aayog and multi ministerial supported program to convert national highways into Electric Vehicle Corridors by setting up charging at both sides to bring Electric Vehicles in affordable and profitable buying list of every fuel based vehicle buyer. It also 

 Max 30 Min Backup TAT for EV breakdown on #NHforEV2020 electric corridors 

To deal with range anxiety of users Charging stations shall be one side distance of every 50 kms. Each charging station shall be equipped with 50 km Geo Fencing and emergency SOS services for vehicles under its circle. ECU / BMS of EVs are connected with nearest station through network for real-time updates; as soon as the battery level drops below 20%, nearest station prepares standby breakdown backup vehicle and dispatch it to EV breakup location, if EV stops before reaching charging point / station. This technical deployment of breakdown services covers 500km stretch of NHEV from Jaipur to Delhi upto Agra and plays an important role in indicating 100% assurance of on road service (in comparison to food/service delivery turnaround time in metro cities in India and abroad) to EV users against their ‘Range Anxiety’. 

Anti Theft System (ATS) and Electric Vehicle Registration (EVR) framework of NHforEV (National Highways for Electric Vehicle) 

Currently, EVs are registered like other vehicles at Regional Transport Offices (RTO) the difference is issued number plates colour is green. In EVR, registering RTO is proposed to share EV registration data with ATS for digitalization. Similarly when an EV reported stolen in any Police Station, FIR to be forwarded to nearest Cyber Crime Cell which would, in turn, forward it to centrally located ATS. ATS would be connected with both Charging Grids and Charging Stations through Network Service Providers. When a stolen vehicle is flagged with its BMS (Battery Management System) digital registration identity, it would not be able to access any Charging Points / Stations, Web /App Or Digital Payment interfaces. This would significantly impact the vehicle’s ability for convenient and seamless operation.

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