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Call for the partnership to join the development of India’s first E-Corridor from Two National Highways (NHs) / Route for EVs namely

  1. Delhi – Agra (Yamuna Expressway) and
  2. Delhi – Jaipur (NH 48) to move towards EVs and alternative fuel into action.

This would be first 500 km combined road stretch from Jaipur to Agra via Delhi (through Eastern – Western Peripheral Expressway) for investors, technologies, growth enablers, vehicle/battery manufacturers and service providers from across the globe to join this project and develop their ecosystems.

Domestic & foreign stakeholders are invited to calibrate and jointly contribute towards the success of this footprint project “NHforEV2020”. Please apply to be a part of the ecosystem as per your capacity, technology, product, service, and competence for transforming India.


  • 01


    Application developer, Digital Interface Developer, Artificial Intelligence Companies, Blockchain startups, Big data and cloud computing companies, 3D printing and collaboration, technology companies, Geo-spatial technology startups, Robotics, Cyber Security Companies and Automation companies

  • 02


    PSUs, Regulatory Bodies, Certification Bodies, Incubators, Policy domain organization, Uttar Pradesh State Transport Corporation, Rajasthan State Transport Corporation, Haryana State Transport Corporation, State Development Authority, Expressway Development Authority, National Highway development authority

  • 03

    Banks and Investors

    Solar rooftop banks marked by PMO, current banking partners of PSUs, private investors (domestic), foreign direct investment (FDI) companies and NBFCs

  • 04

    Manufacturers and OEMs

    Electric 2 wheeler, Electric 3 wheeler, Electric car, Electric bus, Electric truck, Electric scooters, Battery manufacturer, special utility vehicles (SUV), multi utility vehicles (MUV), Light motor vehicles, heavy motor vehicles, Airport goods carrier, campus transport vehicles, switch and gear manufacturers (electricity transmission), transformers, Utility at Stations

  • 05

    Innovators and scientists

    Lithium ION battery companies, Fleet Operators for Electric vehicle, Ethanol Methanol Bio-fuel Innovation companies, Telematic Companies (transport)

  • 06

    Media and outreach

    Automobile and EV magazine, portal, Media companies, Research & Development companies, Blog developers, News channels, Sustainable and green energy channel partners, Climate and environment outreach organization.

Important Dates

S.No Category Closing Date
1 Mobile App & Digital Security Interface Developer Oct 31, 2020
2 EV Manufacturer & Retrofit Converter Oct 31, 2020
3 EoDB Facilitator & Logo Partnership for Use Oct 31, 2020
4 Electrification Contractor and Electric Wiring OEMs Oct 31, 2020
5 Fleet CAB / BUS Operator and Cargo Transport Corp. Oct 31, 2020
6 Battery Manufacturer / Operator and Service Provider Oct 31, 2020
7 Charging Infra and Charger Manufacturer and Operator Oct 31, 2020
8 Skilled Manpower, Fleet Operation and Service Staff Oct 31, 2020
9 Fleet Investor, Banker / Vehicle Leaser and Financer Oct 31, 2020
10 Utility at Stations Oct 31, 2020

Applicant Details: