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  • 09 Sep
  • 2019

1 prototype Solar Powered EV Charging Station on Jaipur and Agra Corridor

Published by : EODB Division, Advance Services for Social & Administrative Reforms (ASSAR)Read More .

  • 06 Sep
  • 2019

Fast Charging Of Electric Vehicles – The Need Of The Hour

Every stakeholder in the electric vehicle industry is familiar with the concepts of slow charging and fast charging of electric vehicles. Here, the former involves a projected time limit... Read More .


E-Mobility In India: Signifying The Need For Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

It’s an open secret that if the concept of e-mobility in India is being talked about, the inherent need for facilitating electric vehicle charging infrastructure will be given paramount... Read More .

  • 04 Sep
  • 2019

Max 30 min Backup TAT for EV Breakdown on NHforEV2020 Highways

Charging stations at one side distance of every 50 km. Each charging station shall be equipped with 50 km Geo-Fencing and emergency SOS services for vehicles under its circle.... Read More .


Anti Theft System (ATS) and the Electric Vehicle Registration (EVR) framework of NHforEV (National Highways for Electric Vehicle)

India to be 1st Country to get Anti Theft Electric Vehicle Fleet From Delhi to Jaipur & Delhi to Agra in NHforEV2020Read More .

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