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  • 23 Mar
  • 2020

EV Costs on the Brink to Shrink

Buy EVs the way you buy Mobile phones As nations around the globe are joining forces to reduce the impact of climate change, Electric Vehicles provide an effective solution... Read More .

What can possibly be more important than your Pizza? Earth.

Stepping into the 4th Industrial Revolution, Abhijeet Sinha presents how a major infrastructural project will be representative of the ‘New India’ we are building.Read More .

  • 18 Mar
  • 2020

A peek into how Jaipur-Delhi-Agra highway is being converted into an e-highway

This article talks about NHforEV project, that is being pursued under the initiative of Ease of Doing Business Program by ASSAR (Advance Services for Social and Administrative Reforms), a... Read More .

Experience an Electric Vehicle before you own one

E-Mobility as a technology for tomorrow is piled up with lots of failures incurred during commercialization because of wrong expectations. Multiple times we have seen that numbers of cutting... Read More .

  • 20 Jan
  • 2020

European Union aims to be self-sufficient in EV battery manufacturing

EU to create an ecosystem in the continent to invest $113 billion into the supply chain for lithium-ion packs for the EVs.Read More .

NHEV Meeting